NHRA's 2003 Rule changes pertaining to our products

NHRA's 2006 reminder on wiring for vehicles with delay boxes

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6/29/2006- RULE REMINDER

The NHRA Technical department has released the following reminder regarding proper wiring of the delay box and throttle stops in all categories (Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Super Eliminator, Top Comp, Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, and Super Pro E.T.) that permit a delay device. The 2006 NHRA Rulebook outlines that only one delay device is permitted and may be attached to the transbrake, shift timer, and/or the throttle timer only. This does not allow the delay device to be connected to the ignition system, the tachometer, the data recorder, or rpm-activated automatic shifters. The Rulebook further states that no wiring from the delay device shall be connected directly, or indirectly, between any part of the ignition system and any other device (such as data recorders, tachometers, suspension components, fuel-injection system, etc). Also, no wiring shall be connected directly, or indirectly, between any part of the ignition system and the delay box other than the two-step/launch control wire that splices into the transbrake or line-loc control wire. Lastly, the rpm-based automatic shifters and built-in tachometers that are incorporated into some delay boxes may not be used for any purpose. Any driver caught in violation of any of these rules will be subject to punishment, which may include indefinite suspension and monetary fines, in the sole and absolute discretion of NHRA. The NHRA Technical staff will check that vehicles in competition are in compliance with these rules throughout the season.


The rulings for 2003 will have no affect on our customers using the Mega 50, 75, 85, or 100. Customers using the Mega 200, 300, 400, 350, or 450 will be required to run an isolated wire between the ignition box and the tach input on the delay box. Also the driver will not be allowed to display the digital tach while going down the track. These are the only two changes being made for 2003. All other aspects of the delay boxes, including the shifting on RPM and the use of the replay tach feature are not affected by the new ruling.

Customers using processor based Digital Delay boxes that are not on the NHRA list, may try, on an individual basis, to get their box approved. The boxes falling into this group are The Little Box (part # 1024-SCR), the Crossover Plus (part # 1020-SCR), the Crossover Plus with 4 Stage Timer (part # 1014-SCR), and the Crossover Plus with Complete Throttle Control (part # 1014-CTC). Neither Digital Delay nor Biondo Racing Products has any say in the approval of these older delay boxes, this is entirely up to NHRA.

We at Digital Delay will continue to try to work with NHRA to keep the impact of new rulings on our customers to a minimum.

Thank you,
Dwain C. May
President and Head Engineer

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