Furthur detailed description on the Cell Phone Messaging

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Predictions to Cell Phone and/or Pager!

(For an addditional FEE) The new version of Crew Chief Pro will be able to send the Tune Up information (ET and Throttle Stop predictions) by TEXT MESSAGE, EMAIL, and/or the regular PAGER. It will accept phone numbers and email addresses, and it will send the same information to their existing pager (if customer has a pager)every 2 minutes.

At tracks where the phone signal isn't so good then the pagers will have to work, however at tracks where you park a mile from the starting line then the Text Messaging will be a huge improvement.

Here is what you need for all this to happen with a cell phone:

  • A weather station that can be hooked up to a laptop and communicate with the installed (pager enabled) Crew Chief Software. Although we are not sending the messages to a pager, the PAGER ENABLE version of Crew Chief is needed to send the message to a cell phone. Transmitters and pagers are only needed if you want to get messages sent to a pager in addition to the cell phone messages. If pager messages are not needed, you save from spending money on a transmitter and pager option.
  • A laptop that has internet access for the computer to e-mail, or text the info.

    Keep in mind, a Crew member DOES NOT need be at the track and can still get the info on their phone OR email. Many people call a friend for help at the track deciding the ET or T-Stop, now they can get the important weather info to their friend's phones or email so these people can help them.

    (If more than 1 racer is getting predictions for another car, these texts, and or page, a license fee for the pager enabaled software, costs about $199.)

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