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Biondo Racing Photo Gallery

Peter and Sal racing big wheels

Enjoy the pictures we have placed on our site. Especially this beauty from about 1978. Englishtown had some big wheel races prior to junior dragsters, notice the 5 amber full tree, I'm sure you couldn't miss that. Peter is on the left, and Sal on the right.

The MEGA 450 hits the 'BIG time'. YOU TUBE VIDEO LINK
Dr House prescribes the MEGA 450 in one of his episodes.

Pete saves it! YOU TUBE VIDEO LINK
At the 1995 Mopar Nationals In Vinny Barone's B/EA.

Biondo racing R&D Racetech Dragster
A nice photo of Pete coming down the return road in his 2007 Racetech Dragster. Our latest dragster also serves as a test vehicle for Biondo Racing's latest products..

Peter celebrating after winning the $42,000 Ultimate Gamblers Race in Las Vegas. (November 2008)

25K at Atco Raceway
Peter celebrating his $25,000 win with friends and family at the Atco Super Bucks Weekend. (August 2008)

The Pro Start Dragster
What an awesome car Kurt Fleischmann built for Mayo and Biondo!
Photo by Competition Photos

10K Win at Atco Raceway
Sal won the first $10,000 Sotck / Super Stock race held at Atco Raceway. (June 2008)

Engishtown 2008 Stock Win
A great shot of Pete's wheelstanding camaro in the winning final round at the 08 NHRA Englishtown National Event.

Pete Biondo's new car making a pass at Atco Raceway
We've even got a cool photo showing the cockpit, decorated with our chrome products, such as the Chromed "MEGA450" Delay Box, and the Chrome Mega Panel"
(Photos By Dave Milcarek)

Three 'company' cars.
Pete and Rich drive these beautiful Biondo Racing Company 'test' cars.

Cars with drivers.
The drivers are almost as good looking as the cars, like I said almost.

Pete and 'good looking' Kyle Seipel sweeping 'em.
dateline......... Vegas Nov 2007........ Peter and good buddy Kyle Seipel celebrate after the two make it to the final round of the Ultimate Gamblers Race. The $45,000 was split down the middle and Kyle beat Peter with a .008 rt dead on to a .008 and one over for Peter.

The Anthony Bertozzi owned Oldsmobile.
Sal ran this car during 2007, and 2008 - striking at a 10K race in ATCO, NJ.
(Photo By Dave Milcarek)

One Bad SS/BS Sunfire.
Driven by Frank Aragona, and owned by Don Sabin.

Pete in the Arnie Martel Cobalt
In 2007, Peter decided to get into a faster SS car with this beautiful 07' Chevrolet Cobalt that is owned by Arnie Martel.

Funny Photo.
After sitting in hours of traffic, I was amused at what was the cause of the accident, a "FIRE SAFETY" vehicle, no one was injured.

Fuel Prices.
I just happened to snap this photo when the local Sunoco was having a sale in 1998. WOW! ! !

A classic Peter vs. Sal Final at e-town.
This was a familiar site at E-town in the late 80's, and early 90's, and this final was a great one!

Rich Schreiner's Bad Ride
You'll see this dragster tearing up the Atco and E-town 1/4 mile often.
(Photo By Dave Milcarek)

Jim Schreiner & Family
A cool family winner's circle photo at Englishtown, NJ. This big win was the clincher for the 2006 points title. Jim utilizes our Base plate throttle stop, "Outlaw" shifter, Delay box, Dial in Board, and other assorted racer essentials.

Blimp Distraction Factor ? ?
This could possibly be the best excuse for having a bad reaction time. Pomona California - 2006.
(Cell Phone Photo By Sal Biondo)

TSA agents at the airport....
Felt the need to scan Pete's 2005 World Championship Wally, thankfully it came up clean ! ! !

April 2005 - Pete's New Stocker
After an unfortunate accident with his 1969 Camaro, Peter is back a new and improved version.
(Photo By Dave Milcarek)

Sam Biondo and Grandkids
At Englishtown in 2005, from left to right....Dylan, Lil Richie, Nicole, Jessie, and of course, Grampa...

Moroso 2005 10K Winner.
Peter celebrating a 2005 victory at the elusive Moroso 5-Day Bracket Championship.

Peter & Blake at Moroso 2005
Peter and Blake Fuqua get together for a celebratory photo.

Pete's old Stocker with "KISS"
"KISS", specifically Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, acknowledge a tribute Peter had given them in Las Vegas

Pete's Super Stocker at Orlando....
Just a bit out of the racing groove, LOL. The damage was nothing a few decals can't cover up.

Mike "Buff Daddy" Carr
At Norwalk in 2005 proudly displaying his hardware for the class win.

2004 Cecil County Comp Eliminator Winners Circle
If you missed Jessie asleep on the hood scoop, click here for a close up.
(Photos By Dave Bishop's Competition Photos.)

"They’re Not Laughing Now"....A Drag Race Central story about Peter Biondo written by Bob Frey. (Sept 2003)

Peter making a speech
at the 2003 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series World Banquet after capturing his 3rd Super Stock World Championship.

Another Peter vs. Sal battle.
This one was 3rd round at the 2003 Lucas Oil Nationals, at Maple Grove. Sal taking the win, again. Does he always beat Peter?, or do we only show those photos because Sal does the uploading of photos to the site? (Photo by Evan Smith)

Sal getting some air
at the 2003 Cecil County Points Race driving Bill Mayo & Gary Delong's Comp Eliminator V-6 Beretta.

Chick Musacchio
Celebrates a win at the Pennsylvania Dutch Classic with his friends.

Sal's Stocker
Sal launching off the Maple Grove starting line with "Smokey". (Photo by Evan Smith)

Pete's Old Stocker
Peter launching off the starting line, hanging the front wheels in the air. This car was damaged beyond repair in early 2004. Auto Imagery Photo

Sam Biondo
Sam leaving the line with the wheels in the air in Johnny Duncan's Super Stock Firebird.

Congrats to Sal & wife Toni, they had their second child, Jessie Marie. She was born on January 26, 2002.

Congrats to Rich and Christa, they had their second child, Richard Michael Schreiner. He was born on June 21, 2001.

Peter raced Jackie's 2001 S&W Dragster and they landed themselves in the Cecil County winner's circle on April 8, 2001. Also that same day, Anthony Fetch (the 2000 Division 1 Heavy E.T. Champ) continued his footbrake dominance. Both were awarded $5,000 for their efforts.

Wayne Harnage
This big ole Mopar owned by Wayne Harnage is a guaranteed threat in Super Street this season. Wayne uses many products from Biondo Racing Products.

Mike "Buff Daddy" Carr
Webmaster of the "Competition Eliminator Forum", utiliizes our Final Round Practice Tree to hone his reaction times.

Nicole Schreiner
Third generation racer?? Nicole Schreiner can't wait to get down the track, as evident from this photo of her at 6 months old.

Atco Winner's Circle
A photo of just one of the times Rich and Christa Schreiner made their way into the Atco Winner's Circle with the beautiful Chevelle. Dave Milcarek Photo

Tony Iacono
Tony's gorgeous new Undercover dragster is equipped with our MEGA 400 Delay Box, and a Biondo Racing Throttle Stop.

Peter Super Stocker
Peter launching off the line in Phillip Monteith's "Hatari" Super Stock GT/FA Pure Pontiac.

Dan Northrop
The 1998 & 1999 Division 1 S/G Champ Dan Northrop uses our MEGA 400 Delay Box, Throttle Stop, & Transbrake buttons.

Ken Miele's former Mustang
2 Time nat'l event winner Ken Miele's wheelstanding 1968 Shelby. Ken sharpens his reaction times with our "Final Round" Practice Tree and foot pedal option. Nice wheely!

Lincoln Morehead
Lincoln Morehead wheelstanding his way off the line. Lincoln uses a variety of Biondo Racing Products, like the Final Round Practice Tree, RPM Control boxes, buttons, and linelocks.

Pete, applying for a job???
This photo found Pete Biondo applying for a job??? He was spotted outside this California office "dressed to kill". No further info was ever disclosed.

Dylan First car
Third generation racer?? Dylan Michael Biondo at 5 1/2 months making his first the living room, you have to start somewhere!

Biondo & Boltz Super Stocker
Sal launching towards his first final of 1999 at the Mopar Parts Nat's in Andy Boltz's Firebird GTA.
Dave Milcarek Photo

Scotty Albrecht
Englishtown's former Points Champion pictured here in Peidmont's Winners Circle with his immaculate dragster, equipped with our MEGA 400 Delay Box, Shifter, and Transbrake button.

Pete SS Win VA 1999
Pete broke through for the Biondo Racing Team by winning the first of 1999 at the Pennzoil Nats, in Richmond, VA. Along the way he displaced his brother, Sal.

Pete Stocker
Pete decided to give Stock Eliminator a try in 1999, here he is in the DiLorenzo Family owned Firebird. This is the car that Sal currently owns and drives. (Henry Timmerman Photo)

Biondo Racing Dragster
The Biondo Racing "test" vehicle just happens to be Peter Biondo's S&W 4 link dragster. Dave Milcarek Photo

Biondo / Martel Acheiva
Arnie Martel had Sal driving this wheelstanding Super Stock Acheiva on the NHRA circuit in 1997.

Richie Chevelle
Rich and Christa Schreiner's flawless 1966 Chevelle can be seen mostly at Atco Raceway and Englishtown tearing up the strip!! Dave Milcarek Photo

Biondo / Barone Roadster
Vinny Barone and Sal Biondo tried their luck in this "good looking" roadster in Competition Eliminator in 1996-1997.

Double at MG 1995
Sal & Peter doubled at the 1995 Keystone Nationals. Sal won Comp Eliminator, and Peter won Super Stock. They did the same thing the year after!

Super Smokey D/EA
Vinny Barone and Sal Biondo had alot of success with this former Bob Benza owned Trans Am.

Phoenix 1995
October 1995...The race that clinched the first World Championship for Biondo Racing. It took place in Phoenix, AZ. Sal defeated John Lingenfelter in a winner take all final!

Donny Sabin
Stock Eliminator rookie sensation, Don Sabin finished #2 in World Points in his debut season of 1995, and the season after in 1996. Work obligations keep him from full time racing these days. He does make some guest appearances.

Biondo / Gunn Super Stocker
Sal and car owner John Gunn had lots of fun running around the country in this Super Stock Cierra from 1992-1995.

Canned Heat
Peter teamed up with Don Rudolph's "Canned Heat" Nova in 1993 & 1994 and were able to capture two Division 1 Super Street titles.

Car and Driver after 1st win
A closer look at the car and driver after the first big win at the 1990 "Summernationals".

Sal Biondo's 1st National Event Win
1990 "Summernationals" Super Stock winner Sal, drove Phil Monteith's 1976 Firebird to his first National Event win.

Sal's "TOY"
Sal's toy, and somewhat "classic" streetcar is a 1986 Buick Grand National.

Sal's first trip down the 1/4 mile
It's not the prettiest ride, but Sal gained some experience on Englishtown,s 1/4 mile on this trick, traction grabbing, big wheel. (Photo by Norman Blake - 1976)

Sam's feared 1968 Firebird
One of Sam Biondo's most feared cars. He tore up Englishtown and National Speedway with this car. Notice the tape on the windshield. Sam was probably one of the first racers to "block" the tree.

The Gray Ghost
One of Sam Biondo's first Pontiacs which he raced at National Speedway, and Westhampton Dragway in the early 70's. Notice.."HATARI" on the quarter panel. (The Biondo & Monteith Partnership goes back quite some time.)

Biondo & Pudlin
Sam Biondo drove for Pete Pudlin in this Motion Performance Duster. The photo is from National Speedway.

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