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BUY - SELL - TRADE ! ! You Decide.

Race It! Experience It! Click on the logo for more info.

Some guy you may have heard of has a kickin' new website

The newest website dedicated to NHRA and IHRA Class Racing.

Call the guy who knows more about trailers than the manufacturers themselves!!

Mike and Troy Fuqua have teamed up with the world's largest, most experienced applicator of high temperature, aluminum-ceramic coatings to bring Nitro-Plate to the high performance industry, and are offering $687,875 in contingency money!! They will pay contingency for 4 years after your coatings are done, unlink other leading companies 2 years!!

Click the above logo to see the baddest and meanest slot cars around!!

Learn from the best, click link for more details.

Sal says - "Do you want your car to be drivable in the burnout, and hit the chip on the starting line without a flaw or a bog? If so check out the damBest carbs!!"

One of our favorite tracks, what a great view of the finish line from the hill. The Dimino Family do a great job running this track.

Get 5 to 8 horsepower out of oil pumps, to read more click on the above link.

The smart choice for value and convenience, to have a professional looking website.

Simply put by Pete (a proud customer of PAR) - "I really like the reliability and MPH on my PAR built 582 BBC in my dragster. It's deadly"!

Take a wild ride through this site to see some amazing cars, and the amazing work "Wild Rides" produces! !

Check out some wild designs by Eddie Hollon!

Fuel injection is the simplest and most efficient way to deliver fuel to an internal combustion engine. Click the above link to read more.

Located in Queens, NY. Your place for Speed, performance, custom installations, wheels & tires, car stereos, for 4 x 4's Pickups or Vans. They ship anywhere! Be sure to check it out.

Home of the quickest and fastest Oldsmobile rockets on planet earth. There is no other place in the world that has more experience with performance Oldsmobile engines

Stock Eliminator, and bracket racing kingpin Robert Pare's Kick-Ass website.

Cylinder Head Services sells a complete line of engine components, everything for the all out race engine to the high performance street engine. Located in Seaville, NJ.

Marie famous website, information on divisional qualifying & race results for NHRA Sportsman racing.

Dale Rethke's infamous forum. Link removed due to lack of class by site owner.

Mike "Buff Daddy" Carr's Comp/Modified Eliminator Racer Forum, the #1 Site on the 'Net for Comp Eliminator Racing!

Dave Micarak's Drag Racing Web Site
Dave is an East Coast photographer who frequents Atco, and Englishtown, and has some jaw dropping photos on display on his website.

A Listing of anything and everything "race" related.

Lonestar Racing
One of our many distributors. They are in the mail-order parts business for 15 years!! - Tires & Wheels. The absolute authority on tires and wheels featuring hundreds of high-performance, aftermarket wheels and tires.

One of our many distributors. A performance warehouse, and a division of Lane Automotive.

Manufacturer of the most accurate on head valve spring tester.

Drag Racing Tips

The Revolutionary paint, vinyl, leather and fabric protection system.

The FAST way to a perfect finish, say good-bye to swirl marks, burns, and gouges with this revolutionary orbital polisher.

Discount part center guarantees the lowest prices in the industry, and they give you the option to choose from all of the hottest manufactures.

One of the largest collections of Motor Racing links on the net....Over 10,000 links and still growing.

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