I Card Receiver - USB

I Card Receiver - USB
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    Be sure before purchasing to check with your sanction to be sure this item is applicable, and currently used. As a stand alone item, information is streamed wirelessly and archived on a PC or laptop for later review and analysis. iCard®USB is also a must-have for race officials, team managers, and media professionals.

    iCard®USB works with any laptop or PC with these minimum requirements: USB 1.0, Pentium II (350 mHz) processor, Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, or XP.

    iCard®USB displays real-time information and archives all information broadcast at the event:

  • each competitor's information
  • Event schedule
  • Schedule updates
  • Individual driver pages, class pages, and more.
  • Info can be saved and imported into Excel, Lotus, or other spreadsheet applications for later analysis or review

    iCard®USB includes:
  • iCard®USB receiver and cable
  • Quick Start Guide and instructions
  • Software designed just for your needs
  • detachable antenna
  • It will function at all iCard® supported events