Chrome Electric Sol for Pro Bandit, Elite & Pro Outlaw

Chrome Electric Sol for Pro Bandit, Elite & Pro Outlaw
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    Biondo's Extreme Duty Electric Solenoid is guaranteed to have the most shifting power of any solenoid on the market!

    There are times when we sell shifters, and customers want to change the solenoid they have on it. Sometimes they would rather have CO2 over Electric, and other times they would rather have Electric over CO2. For that reason we sell this Electric Solenoid Kit.

  • Length of the solenoid body 2-7/8", diameter 2-1/2"
  • Large Diameter! Extreme Duty Solenoid provides a positive shift every run
  • Triple Chrome Plated Finish
  • End cap specifically made for the applications listed below
  • Kit includes solenoid and relay

    This solenoid works on:

  • B&M Pro Bandits
  • Biondo Racing's Elite Outlaw, and Pro Outlaw (not the original outlaw)

    See below for same solenoid, except Black, powder coated finish version.