B&M Pro Bandit Magnum w/Electric Sol & Kit

B&M Pro Bandit Magnum w/Electric Sol & Kit
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    Replace solenoid for a chromed solenoid?:
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    !!!Click here & read this!!! before ordering a Pro Bandit Shifter or accessories.

    This is everything, unlike the way most other companies sell this package....our solenoid is included!!

    B&M Pro Bandit Magnum Shifter, (For GM Forward Pattern Powerglides) with the addition of an Electric Shift solenoid and relay, and it also includes everything shown in the photo to the right, which is:

    • an 8' super duty race cable
    • a powerglide pro lever
    • quick disconnect and cable extension
    • Electric Solenoid
    • Shifter also available with an CO2 Solenoid Setup.

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