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SKU: SPS-001203 Run - 3R Shoe (1/2 Price!!)

Run - 3R Shoe (1/2 Price!!)
Purchase Run - 3R Shoe (1/2 Price!!)
  • SKU: SPS-001203 Run - 3R Shoe (1/2 Price!!)

  • 69.00 $35.00

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    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds

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HALF PRICE ! ! ! !

SIZES IN DROP DOWN are the only ones available.

This "RUN-3R" shoe speaks for itself. If you can not hear what it is saying, I will translate:

  • Breathable mesh upper for maximum comfort
  • Reinforcements on the uppers for better containment of the foot
  • A Two component sole for better stability
  • Abrasion and fuel resistant