CO2 TS for Dual Dominators

CO2 TS for Dual Dominators
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  • Total length of this unit (unextended) is 6-1/2" (from ball joint to end of cylinder, not including the adjustment nut because where how much that screws in varies, adjustment nut measures 2-1/2", (and add 2-1/2" when extended fully)

  • Cylinder diameter is 1-1/8"

    Same Functions as our Part #TS (Standard Throttle Stop), but the larger diameter cylinder provides stronger pulling power and has an a full 2-1/2 inches of travel. Designed for Dual Dominator applications or any application that requires greater strength or the additional travel. Click here to add a Needle Valve. (To control your intake flow - the speed at which your Throttle Stop goes back to full throttle).

    For the 10/32" applications, we recommend "THE BULLET" - Throttle Stop Cable Saver, seen below.

    Any CO2 bottle kit would work, we recommend the ones listed below. A preset regulator set at 115 PSI, or an adjustable regulator would both work fine.

    People who buy this part also buy a bottle kit: Adj Reg Bottle Kit
    or or Preset 115lb Bottle Kit and a Bottle mount clamp: see options below.