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SKU: ALT-RA-KIT Altronics Red Alert w/8 Probes

Altronics Red Alert w/8 Probes
Purchase Altronics Red Alert w/8 Probes
  • SKU: ALT-RA-KIT Altronics Red Alert w/8 Probes

  • $969.99

    Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds

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The Red Alert is the first data recording system specifically designed to record engine cylinder exhaust temperatures (EGT)! Not only does it record up to 8 EGT's but it also records engine RPM and has a settable Warning output.

  • The Warning output can be used to activate warning light, enable fuel enrichment, shut down NOS or ignition, retard timing, etc.
  • Recording can be started by preset RPM value or switch.
  • Adjustable sample rates.
  • Custom configurations are also available, call for info.
  • Systems are upgradeable.
  • All recorded data can be played back on unit or downloaded and graphed on a PC - Download to a PC to view all data graphically. Software is Windows 98/NT/XP compatible. Allows viewing of any or all recorded channels, zoom and pan, overlay runs, smooth data, and printing of graphs.  

    This Red Alert system comes complete with 8 EGT Probes, Junction Boxes, Interface Cables, and Downloading Kit