Mega 350

Mega 350
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    Face size: 6-11/16" x 5" x 1-3/4"Total size: 8-11/16" x 5" x 1-3/4"
    Same dimensions and mounting as the Mega 450.

    All the same features as our Mega 450 without the playback tach feature, in that case, it also does include the digital tach with the peak rpm recorder. The concept of our new Mega 350 was to take our popular Mega 400 box and improve on it by adding some new "racer requested" features. These new features are mostly related to making the box even easier to use than ever. These new features are, a custom LIGHTED KEYPAD, that is back lit for easy night use. Also, SCROLLING ARROW KEYS, and a "PRO MODE SCREEN", which is independent of the settings used in bracket racing.

    Standard Race Winning Features:

  • "CROSSTALK" compatible
  • The Largest Lit Up Display Ever! is the ultimate in user friendliness! (everything is in plain english).
  • Positive feel "lit up" keypad for simple and quick programming (even with gloves on)
  • Crossover Delay Box with a secondary delay, and "How Late" Display
  • Tap up / Tap down, to .01.
  • Control for Pro Tree "Easy Start System"
  • "Starting Line Enhancer" for Full Tree Racing.
  • 2 Separate - 4 Stage Timers controls throttle stops and/ or nitrous systems etc. (Programmable to the thousandth (.001))
  • Our patented "Programmable Throttle Stop Override"
  • Shift Activator Output allows you to shift on Time or RPM up to 5 times.
  • Built in "Driver Reaction Tester"
  • Programmable "Push Button Interrupt Time"
  • A Spare Output that can be hooked up to a linelock for anti-roll staging.
  • Compatible with all cylinder engines
  • Compatible with all Ignitions
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible