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SKU: SPA-001241 SFI-5 Slalom Shoe

SFI-5 Slalom Shoe
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  • SKU: SPA-001241 SFI-5 Slalom Shoe

  • $169.00 $119.00

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    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds

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A great shoe, an earlier 'run' of the Slalom Shoe, and not many left at this price!!

Slalom Shoe (SFI-3.3/5) Comfort, Feel, and Style. The Slalom shoe was another result of experienced NHRA racers giving feedback to Sparco. Developed with the sportsman racer in mind, the Slalom shoe is very lightweight and stylish while still meeting the SFI-5 standards. Featuring a soft suede 'upper' for extra comfort and secure ankle fit along with a light non-slip sole for the best pedal feel.

Check out the above guides, but if you still have questions on sizing or class requirements, feel free to give the racers a call, and ask for Rich, Sal, or Peter Biondo.