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The Piercing of Rumors Using Facts.

We at Digital Delay go to great lengths to ensure that all of our products stay within the guidelines of the rulebook. Still I have read statements posted on the web that by simply using one of our boxes with a replay tach a racer can get real time data while going down the track. This is not true. All of the units that have the replay tach are the Mega 200, 400, 450, and the Multi-Switch with Replay Tach. In all cases the replay feature will only work after the pass has been made and the engine has been turned off. They in no way, give real time data or make decisions that affect the operation of the vehicle. When replaying the pass, the only information that can be reviewed is engine RPM which is recorded every hundredth of a second for fifteen seconds. These boxes canít give any more information than what one could get from a stand-alone playback tach. The main benefit is the racer needs only to buy and mount one unit.

I have also read that some racers have concerns, about people tampering with one of our units to make it function in a way that would not be legal. While nothing can be guaranteed to be tamper-proof, we design all our products to be as tamper-proof as possible.

Two examples are:

1) The circuit board is a multi-layer board. This means that the circuit traces are not on the surface of the board, but hidden inside the circuit board. This makes it impossible to visually draw a schematic of the circuit. 2) The processor is a One Time Programmable (OTP) processor and can only be programmed once, which occurs when the product is manufactured. This means that even if someone had a software editor, compiler, and a device programmer for the specific processor we use, the software could still not be altered to function in some other fashion. The individual would need a new blank processor and a totally new program, started from scratch. Considering the large amount of money required for the above mentioned and the amount of time that we spend in engineering one of our products, it is clear that it would be much easier and far more cost effective to design a totally new unit then to attempt to modify one of our units.

Another rumor I have read concerns the Digital Download Port on the side of the boxes with replay tachs. The rumor states that the purpose of this port is to upload software updates. Again this is not true, the Digital Download Port cannot be used to change the program in the processor for the same reasons stated above in the second example. The Digital Download Port can only be used to download the replay data to another unit, such as the Digital Viewer.

A lot of the rumors that I have read talk about adding all kinds of sensors to send information to the delay box or having the box control some device that it was not intended to control. While I understand in this day of plug and play technology on personal computers it sounds like it would be simple to change a delay box. But this too is not true. The fact remains that all current processor based delay boxes are using what is called a micro controller, which runs at very slow clock speed. The processor speed on the Mega 450 is 8MHz, which produces a bus clock speed of 2MHz. For the processor that we are using this is the fastest clock speed allowable. This sets a number of physical limitations on how much and how fast data can be handled. This speed limitation is what set our replay tach at one hundredth of a second time intervals instead of reading the tach every thousandth of a second. The hundredth of a second is as fast as the processor can read in data, do the mathematical calculations and store the data. The speed and memory limitations of the micro controllers alone are enough to disprove most of the rumors that I have seen posted on the web.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information above and I appreciate the opportunity to explain our position on these rumors.

Thank you,
Dwain C. May
President and Head Engineer

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