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Files and Product Manuals

Files and Product Manuals

Files and Product Manuals

Some of our highly requested instruction sheets and / or manuals. Most are available in an easy-to-print PDF form. Scroll down, look for your part number, and click, but, please be patient, some of the files are large.

You may need to Download Adobe Reader in order to view or print these files.

  • Delay Boxes Most are PDF Version

  • Practice Trees Most are PDF Version

  • Shift Solenoids Most are PDF Version

  • RPM Switches PDF Versions

  • Shifters PDF Version

  • Starting Line Controls and Throttle Stops PDF Version

  • CO2 Bottle Kits, air fittings, regulators PDF Version

  • Trans Brake Buttons PDF Versions

  • "Blue" 2 Stage Timer (#TST)

  • 4 Stage Timer (#TST1) and Dual 4 Stage Timer (#TST2) PDF Version

  • Linelock Solenoid (#LL) PDF Version

  • Auto Shutoff Valve (#ASV) PDF Version

  • Clutch Release (#CR) - DISCONTINUED PDF Version