Special Info on the B&M Pro Bandit

Before ordering a B&M Pro Bandit Shifter, Please note:

The shifter has a rear exit cable, however it is made to bring the cable to the transmission from the front (Not the rear) - utilizing the engine mid plate as the shifter cable bulk head anchor. The quick disconnect cable extension (which is included in the "kit"), will complete the shifter cable connection to the transmission's selector lever. (The lever is also included in the "kit".) The B&M Pro Bandit shifters that we sell with the "kit" come with the following:

  • an 8' super duty race cable
  • a powerglide pro lever
  • quick disconnect and cable extension

If your vehicle does not have a full mid plate, then you will have to fabricate a strong cable anchor bracket to work with your application. Dimensions are critical when making your cable anchor...be accurate!

B&M Pro Bandit cables and assorted hardware are made specifically for the Pro Bandit Shifters only!! Other hardware kits and cables will not work so be sure to buy this shifter with the complete kit if needed.