The new option named “CrossTalk” is being used in bracket racing, electronics (delay box) classes that use the full tree and handicapped dial ins. This feature has the potential to go nationwide in 2004.

With this option, the amber lights will be focused directly at the driver in his/her lane. Each driver leaves off his top bulb (even the faster car) with no more crossing over. The top amber light in each lane will activate with the start of the slower dialed cars tree countdown. The slower cars tree will continue on its normal .5 second countdown to green. The faster cars top light will stay on for the standard .5 second duration plus the amount of handicap between the two lanes, and then it will continue to countdown after that at the .5 sec countdown to green.

Starting Line Control can be very helpful when racing with “Crosstalk” by holding your motor at a low preset RPM until after your top bulb goes out.