Altacomm II With Paging

Altacomm II With Paging
    Code: ALB-AC2L
    Price: 1710.00 $1,510.00
    Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
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    "Altacom II", complete with a magnetic mount antenna , and the most popular options, which are the Paging option (with one pager). The Part Number on the complete package is #ALB-AC2L-W. And yes, since many people ask...This unit does provide WATER GRAINS..

    If you want the Wind Option, add it upon checkout.

    Don't want the Paging Option? Ask for a price on the ALTA PART#ALB-A2.

    Other Available Options and / or add-ons:

  • Want Extra Pagers? A great way to split the cost with a friend, and both have your own pager. See Extra Altalab Pagers (#ALB-PGA) below.
  • Trailer Connectors (#ALB-J10 or J20) for quick setup and take-down.
  • A Permanent Mount Antenna Upgrade (#ALB-PMA-36 is the part number for the discounted subbed price), if ordered upon checkout, can be substituted for the standard magnetic mount antenna for a small price, or can be purchased separately. This can improve your paging distance. Can be seen here - Permanent Mount Antenna
  • Console mounting bracket (#ALB-MOUNT-BRKT) for safe and secure mounting of the Altacom II
  • Quick Release Pole Mounting Clamps (#ALB-QC2-2) available, not included.

    Crew Chief Compatible and NEW (for an additional cost) is the latest version of Crew Chief Pro will be able to send the Tune Up information (ET and Throttle Stop predictions) by TEXT MESSAGE or E-MAIL with ET or Throttle Stop predictions without the purchase of a pager or transmitter.(read more...)

    Here is a detailed description of the "ALTACOM II" (Part #AC2L-W):
    AltaCom II is designed for superior in-field operation. From sensor specifications and board design, to the remote sensing, paging functions, and software, every choice has been made to provide you with stable, accurate readings you can rely on. All that is included in the package price.

  • Trailer Based (12 volt and 120v AC power supplies included)
  • Fan-aspirated Remote Sensors
  • 3 measured and 7 calculated values (custom available)
  • Wireless Paging
  • Weather Data Logging
  • Customizable Pager Readout
  • Merlin Windows Software
  • Live Drag Racing Predictions (up to 5 vehicles)
  • Anemometer (Wind Speed/Direction, is an add on option)
  • Auxiliary Temp Sensor Option

    AltaCom II is an excellent weather station for tuning, racing and dyno work. The fan-aspirated remote sensor housing can be mounted above the trailer roof or in the plenum. The remote cable permits flexible setup, with the console located for convenient viewing. The LCD on the console updates every 20 seconds. The console logs data to internal memory, and can be connected to a PC with the included serial cable for downloading and live data display on screen.

    AltaCom II can function as a stand alone weather station, but added functionality is available through your PC. Merlin Windows software provides communications between the weatherstation and your computer, and has powerful tools for drag racing predictions:

  • Live data on your PC screen.
  • Download and save logged data.
  • Customize which weather readings are transmitted.
  • Up to 5 separate live ET and TS Predictions on the pager.

    CLICK HERE for more features and specs on the Altacom II.