Elite 600

Elite 600
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    Available in Black or Chrome, with a Red, Green or Blue background.

    The Elite 600 offers some new and upgraded features, while also combining the best features from the Mega 450, Elite 500, and the Elite 700 Delay Boxes. This makes the Elite 600 a very versatile and powerful Delay Box.

    The Elite 600 is really two Delay Boxes in one, a Bracket Delay Box and a Pro Delay Box each with their own independent screens and settings. There are nine Bracket Mode screens and seven Pro Mode screens.

    The Elite 600 has the capability to run three 4-Stage Timers at one time. The 4-Stage Timers are labeled Timer 1, Timer 2, and Timer 3. Each of the Timers has its own set of settings for both Bracket and Pro Modes.

    The Elite 600 can also shift the vehicle by time or RPM, up to five shifts. Here again, the shifter has separate shift points for both Bracket and Pro Mode.

    The Tach and Replay Tach resolution is now accurate to individual RPM. RPM Shifts can also now be set to an individual RPM. The Replay Tach can hold 9 passes.

    The Startling Line Enhancer (S.L.E.) now has its own output and can be set from 0.00 to 9.99 seconds in Bracket Mode. In Pro Mode the S.L.E. now has a fixed Hold Time. This allows the Transbrake solenoid to fully set before the engine goes to full throttle. The all new S.L.E. Starting Line Mode allows the driver to select if the Transbrake Button will set the S.L.E. or not.

    The Line Lock now has its own output and the Burn-out feature allows the Line Locks to be activated during a burn-out for a pre-set amount of time. The Line Lock Starting Line Mode allows the driver to select if the Line Locks will engage along with the Transbrake solenoid or not.

    Along with being able to Tap Up and Down in the same pass, the Elite 600 has the MULTI-TAP feature. That allows large amounts of time to be subtracted from the first Delay started. The Driver's Reaction Tester has an LED for practicing, giving the most realistic reaction times possible. The Elite 600 also keeps track of and displays your statistics while practicing.


    • Crossover Delay Box
    • "Driver Reaction Tester"
    • Burnout Timer
    • Multiple Shifts by Time or RPM
    • Digital Tach with Replay Feature
    • "Starting Line Enhancer"
    • Line Lock Control for Starting Line
    • Independent Bracket and Pro Mode Settings
    • "CROSSTALK" compatible
    • Full Tap Control (Up, Down, and MULTI-TAP)
    • How Late
    • Programmable "Push Button Lockout" feature
    • P.T.S.O.
    • Three Four Stage Timers for Both Bracket and Pro Modes
    • Back lit Display
    • Back lit keypad
    • Glove Friendly
    • External Mount Relay Board
    • Seven Independent Fused Outputs
      • 1 - Transbrake
      • 1 - S.L.E.
      • 1 - Line Lock
      • 1 - Shift
      • 3 - Timer Outputs
    • Output Status Indicators


    • Face Size: 6-11/16" by 5". Same as Mega 450 or Elite 500
    • Overall Size: 8-3/64" x 5" x 1-5/8". Smaller than Mega 450 or Elite 500
    • Relay Board 5" X 6"
    • Standard 6.5 foot connection cable
    • 12 and 16 Volt compatible
    • 4 -- Push-button inputs
    • 1 -- Tach input
    • 1 -- 15 Amp Transbrake output
    • 1 -- 15 Amp SLE output
    • 1 -- 15 Amp Line Lock output
    • 1 -- 40 Amp Shift output
    • 3 -- 40 Amp Timer outputs