Full Tree Bulb Kit - w/ 2 LED's

Full Tree Bulb Kit - w/ 2 LED's
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    This Full Tree Bulb Kit contains every bulb you will need for our Full Size Tree. This kit contains a total of 18 bulbs : 8 prestage and stage bulbs (which are yellow bug lamps), 2 LED Bulbs, 4 Amber, 2 Green, and 2 Red floodlights.

    With this set of bulbs, and our Full Size Practice Tree, you will have no excuse for a bad reaction time! There are 2 LED Bulbs (Part #LED-BULB-PT) included in this kit. This is perfect for racers who would like to set up the tree to have the 2 LED bulbs in the top bulb position, specifically for the delay box racers who react to the top bulb.