Full Tree Bulb Kit - w/ 3 LED's

Full Tree Bulb Kit - w/ 3 LED's
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    This Full Tree Bulb Kit contains every bulb you will need for our Full Size Tree. This kit contains a total of 18 bulbs : 8 prestage and stage bulbs (which are yellow bug lamps), 3 LED Bulbs, 3 Amber, 2 Green, and 2 Red floodlights.

    With this set of bulbs, and our Full Size Practice Tree, you will have no excuse for a bad reaction time! There are 3 LED Bulbs (Part #LED-BULB-PT) included in this kit. This is perfect for racers who race at different tracks throughout the season, since some tracks use the LED Bulbs, and some do not. You can set the tree up to have the 3 LED bulbs in one lane and the 3 incandescent (non-LED) amber bulbs in the other lane.