Sparco SFI-20 Shoe / Boot

Sparco SFI-20 Shoe / Boot
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    Sparco's Shoe /Boot (SFI-20) Comfort, Feel, and Style The SFI-20 Shoe/Boot is another result of experienced NHRA racers giving feedback to Sparco. Developed with the sportsman racer in mind, the SFI-20 shoe/boot is very lightweight and stylish while still meeting the SFI-20 standards. This Shoe Boot, passes the SFI-20 spec since it is higher than 6" from the floor to the top of the shoe. Although it is not a boot, it is legal, and is the most comfortable SFI-20 footwear available.

    Check out the above guides, but if you still have questions on sizing or class requirements, feel free to give the racers a call, and ask for Rich, Sal, or Peter Biondo.