Snell 2020 coming soon..  BUT..

FYI, SA2015 Helmets are good until Dec 2027
The aggressive and unique chin bar styling of Impact’s Champ helmet is designed to cover
the mouth and nose; a feature that acts as a built-in breath deflector
minimizing fumes inside the helmet and reducing fog on the shield. The
integrated slotted vents on the forehead provide for additional
ventilation while our exclusive “Ripple Effect” helmet crown and wicker
bill create aerodynamic stabilization. Manufactured from Impact’s
exclusive “Intelligent Gray Matter” (a variable-density, single-piece
inner liner) and upholstered in our fire retardant soft-knit Nomex®
material, the Champ features removable cheek pads. Optionally available
cheek pads are available in a variety of thicknesses and configurations
to provide a custom fit. A fire retardant Kevlar® chin strap with dual
D-ring closure and a 1/8” polycarbonate shield with three-position
detent shield finish off this helmet. The Impact Champ also offers a
variety of anti-fog, tinted, and Hi-Def Amber shields with excellent
visual acuity for the most accurate read of the tree.


*Add custom
options like a helmet skirt, FHR Posts, or a communication radio system
to your helmet as a special order if needed, feel free to call us.


  • Shell construction featuring proprietary lightweight composites.
  • Dual slotted forehead vents.
  • “Ripple Effect” boundary layer created by shell shape, stabilizes helmet/head in high speed ariflow.
  • Extended chin foil captures downward airflow to reduce helmet lift and buffeting.
  • Wrap-around eyeport.
  • Gray Matter fire-retardant covered liner made of Impact’s “intelligent” single piece variable-density core.
  • Interchangeable cheekpads for a perfect fit (comes with std cheekpads, other sizes are extra).
  • Fire-retardant Kevlar® chinstrap with locking dual D-ring design.
  • .125″ Clear Shield comes standard with 3 position detent.
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