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SKU: TS-BULLET Throttle Stop Bullet

Throttle Stop Bullet
Purchase Throttle Stop Bullet
  • SKU: TS-BULLET Throttle Stop Bullet

  • $19.99

    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

  • Racer Discount


"THE BULLET" Cable Saver!

No more broken throttle cables!

"The Bullet" mounts in between your cable and your throttle control, and strengthens the union between the two. It will not lengthen the cable since you are screwing the cable through The Bullet, and then back into the throttle stop. You will now have NO MORE FLEX, and you will increase consistency.

"The Bullet" is Gold Plated aluminum, threaded for a 10/32", and has a pilot hole on the side for locking in place.