Anodized Black, Dominator versions have bearings on the shaft instead of bushings.

Biondo Baseplate Electric Throttle Stop –    Looking for Exceptional Repeatability in your throttle stop racing? You came to the right place. Biondo’s NEW line of Baseplate “#1 Stop” Throttle Stops are available in CO2 or Electric and were designed with the help of years of racer feedback and on-track experience. The result is was to bring you a quality product, at a reasonable price that will bring you years of deadly consistent throttle stop racing.


  • – Primary Kit Installed – effectively shuts down all four holes of the carb – primaries, and secondaries, which is a necessity for any racer who has to kill more than 3 tenths of a second.
  • – Exclusive Slotted Butterfly Design- tested and proven to be more consistent than conventional butterflies. Eliminates any chance of common fuel puddling that can lead to unstable throttle stop rpm’s and bogging problems.
  • Larger 2 1/8″ bore for dominator applications means minimal horsepower loss, 2 1/4″ bore recommended for 1250’s, also available, Choose that in drop down.
  • – Exclusive Throttle Stop Adjustment Knob with numbered references. This makes setting and adjusting quick, precise, and repeatable.
  • – Standard Holley Application is 2″ thick, and Dominator Versions are 1-3/4″.
  • – 1 to 1 primary/ secondary linkage ratio for a more stable (flat) throttle stop rpm.
  • – Stainless Steel butterflies, shafts and extra bushing on throttle shaft- all designed for long life and repairablility.
  • – Special seals on shafts to eliminate any chance of vacuum leaks.
  • – All Aluminum one piece design. No chance of parts coming loose or vacuum leaks due to misalignment.
  • – Whether you go with the CO2 or Electric version, we use only the highest quality parts available. Don’t take chances- race to win!
  • The Electric Baseplate Throttle Stop Uses a heavy duty, one piece electric solenoid with an internal spring. The solenoid is totally sealed to prevent malfunctioning due to dust or dirt. Designed for years of trouble free racing.