Anodized Black, Dominator versions have bearings on the shaft instead of bushings.

Biondo Baseplate CO2 Throttle Stops–   Looking for Exceptional Repeatability in your throttle stop racing? You came to the right place. Biondo’s NEW line of Baseplate “#1 Stop” Throttle Stops are available in CO2 or Electric and were designed with the help of years of racer feedback and on-track experience. The result is was to bring you a quality product, at a reasonable price that will bring you years of deadly consistent throttle stop racing.


  • Primary Kit Installed – effectively shuts down all four holes of the carb – primaries, and secondaries, which is a necessity for any racer who has to kill more than 3 tenths of a second.
  • Two Needle Valve Controls included
  • Exclusive Slotted Butterfly Design- tested and proven to be more consistent than conventional butterflies. Eliminates any chance of common fuel puddling that can lead to unstable throttle stop rpm’s and bogging problems.
  • Larger 2 1/8″ bore for dominator applications means minimal horsepower loss. 2 1/4″ bore recommended for 1250’s, also available, choose in drop down.
  • Exclusive Throttle Stop Adjustment Knob with numbered references. This makes setting and adjusting quick, precise, and repeatable.
  • Standard Holley Application is 2″ thick, and Dominator Versions are 1-3/4″.
  • 1 to 1 primary/ secondary linkage ratio for a more stable (flat) throttle stop rpm.
  • Stainless Steel butterflies, shafts and extra bushing on throttle shaft- all designed for long life and repairablility.
  • Special seals on shafts to eliminate any chance of vacuum leaks.
  • All Aluminum one piece design. No chance of parts coming loose or vacuum leaks due to misalignment.
  • Whether you go with the CO2 or Electric version, we use only the highest quality parts available. Don’t take chances- race to win!CO2 Baseplate Throttle Stop Our CO2 powered baseplate throttle stop uses the same all aluminum design and race winning features as the electric. By replacing the electric solenoid with an air cylinder, the stop opening speed can be controlled. Comes with an adjustable flow control valve for smooth opening. This is a great choice for high horsepower applications and marginal tracks where tire spin occurs when the throttle stop kicks off. Uses a stainless steel, double acting cylinder which delivers utmost in consistency.

    Any CO2 bottle kit would work, we recommend the ours listed below. A preset regulator set at 100, or 115 PSI, or an adjustable regulator would all work fine.
    and a Bottle Kit: Adj Reg Bottle Kit
    or Preset 100lb Bottle Kit and a Bottle mount clamp: see options below.