This CO2 Powered – #1 Stop throttle stop gives you 3 positions – a wide open position, an intermediate stop position, and an adjustable (full stop) position. With 2 different throttle stop positions, the possibilities are endless. Most commonly used for higher horsepower engines who want the option of an override or for high horsepower engines who want to come off the (intermediate position) stop near the finish line and blast by your opponent. This 3 Stage CO2 Powered Stop has proven to be more consistent than conventional twin blade stops by allowing more CFM control at the intermediate stop position.

Comes with TWO adjustable flow control valve for smooth opening.

People who buy this throttle stop buy up to 2 Flow Control Valve (see below), (Item comes with one flow control)

Any CO2 bottle kit would work, we recommend the ones listed below. A preset regulator set at 100 PSI, or an adjustable regulator would both work fine.

People who buy this part also buy Up to 2 more flow controls for smooth consistent application of power. (Item comes with one flow control)
and a Bottle Kit: Adj Reg Bottle Kit
or Preset 100lb Bottle Kit and a Bottle mount clamp: see options below.