Company History

Products of Champions

The evolution of Biondo Racing Products Inc is based upon the Biondo Family Championship Racing Tradition. The company’s philosophy of “Products for Racers by Racers” has launched them into the forefront of the drag racing specialty products industry. As the family sharpened their drag racing skills over the past 40 years, a unique line of innovative tools and products began to develop. Biondo Racing Products was founded on that winning tradition.

Our History

The Biondo Family has been actively involved in Drag Racing since Sam Biondo began his career in 1958. Sam’s talent was soon recognized, he won many events and gained the respect and admiration of his fellow racers. To Sam, winning was not enough, he was always looking to improve and be innovative. So in 1974 with the help of his close friend, Charlie Buccola he began to develop products that would assist him to sharpen his skills and abilities. Together they developed the Practice Tree. Although primitive in design to their current production model, it served its purpose.

Again Sam went “Back to the drawing board” to pioneer another idea, the Delay Box. In 1975 he and Charlie worked together to design and build the First Generation of Delay Boxes, which is the predecessor of the modern delay boxes used today.

Shortly after this, Sam’s sons, Sal and Peter began their racing careers. Following in their father’s footsteps they also won many events. This, in turn drew attention to the products and techniques they used. In 1987 Sam decided to officially open “Sam Biondo Racing Products”, a family Owned and Operated Company. The Company adopted the same philosophy that Sam had embraced, to assist racers and provide them with products that would enhance their driving skills. Also, Sam was very aware of the costs involved with racing, being a racer himself, so he was determined to provide the best and most competitive prices on the market. This at times caused problems with certain manufacturers as they did not agree with that thinking.

Biondo Racing Products,Inc. continues with that same philosophy today. They are determined to provide you with the best products, prices, customer service and technical information available anywhere.

So, we hope you enjoyed reading about the history of Biondo Racing Products, it is a legacy based on pride, experience and innovation.

So on behalf of the Biondo Family, Sam, Sal, Peter, Christa, Richard, and our employees, we thank you for your time and interest.