• Total length of this unit (unextended) is 6-1/2″ (from ball joint to end of cylinder, not including the adjustment nut because where how much that screws in varies), adjustment nut measures 2-1/2″, (and add 2-1/2″ when extended fully)

Cylinder diameter is 3/4″

This standard model has been popular for years. Like our “Precision Control”, this model also an “in-linkage” type. Therefore, it does not require the use of additional spacer plates or butterflies. So, there is no interfering with air or fuel flow entering the manifold, and no loss of MPH. This throttle stop works off CO2 and consists of a stainless steel cylinder with 2″ inches of adjustment, high temp seals, brass solenoid valve, quick disconnect brass air fittings, and a numbered stop bolt for easy reference.

This unit is Ideal for “CROSSTALK”! (click for more details), since you can have your gas pedal to the floor, and have this T/S / Starting Line Control hold the motor at a low preset RPM until after your top bulb goes out, at that point the motor goes up to the 2-step.

This unit can also be used as a Starting Line Control (replacing your 2-step, and eliminates all that engine damaging popping and banging).

For the 10/32″ applications, we recommend “THE BULLET” – Throttle Stop Cable Saver, seen below.

Any CO2 bottle kit would work, we recommend the ones listed below. A preset regulator set at 100 PSI, or an adjustable regulator would both work fine.

People who buy this part also buy a bottle kit: Adj Reg Bottle Kit
or Preset 100lb Bottle Kit and a Bottle mount clamp: see options below.