This 12v kit allows you to run your RaceAir Cloud off of 12 volt power instead of your generator power. This kit comes with a panel mount 12 volt cigarrete lighter and dual usb charging ports as well as a DC charger that will go from the cigarrette lighter charger to the RaceAir Cloud Interface Box. This kit allows you to have a clean 12v installation and run your RaceAir Cloud non stop without worrying about the generator.

It is important to leave your RaceAir Cloud up overnight and running during multi-day races. When you take the unit down and place it in the trailer overnight, it is possible for condensation to build up inside of the unit and moisture can sometimes become trapped inside of the sensor. When this happens, it can take longer for your humidity sensor to recover. When the unit is left up and powered, there is so much air flow over the sensor that it never has a chance to get inside the sensor.