(Also available in CHROME for $80 more.)
Biondo Racing is now featuring this NEW DUAL VIEW display board.

The Mega Dial was invented to make quick changes to your displayed dial-in. This allows the driver to enter a new dial-in without having to leave the driver’s seat.

This product has two parts: a Control Head, which comes in black, and a Display Board, which is available in black or chrome.

The best Dial Board on the market just got better. The completely redesigned Mega Dial V2 is way ahead of the competition and has several improvements over the original classic Mega Dial or the Cat 5 Mega Dial.

Dual Viewing – The Dual View Mega Dial, another first from Digital Delay, allows the dialed ET to be viewed from either side. Turning the display board around when racing at tracks with the tower on opposite sides is no longer an issue.

Wiring – We’ve simplified how the Controller is connected to the Display Board – just two plain wires, one for data out and one for data in. No special phone cord, CAT5 cable, or fiber optic cable needed. Any spare piece of wire can be spliced in for quick onsite repairs.

Multiple Boards – It’s the only display system on the market that can run up to 5 Display Boards at one time. Simply daisy chain as many displays together as you want, without any additional hardware.

Changing Times – Thanks to a new interface and software, changing times is easier and faster.

Day and Night intensity Settings – 6 display board intensity levels for both Day and Night.

Self-Dimming – Can dim the display automatically when the taillight is turned on.

Stores 2 ET – Has the ability to store two times in memory allowing for large number changes without a lot of time wasted scrolling. 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile racers can store 2 different dial-ins or a super class driver can store his ‘super,’ and his bracket dial in.

Lock Feature – This exclusive feature will lock the dial value in memory. You can now avoid unintended dial-in changes by mistakenly hitting the Control Box.

Other Exclusive features – Individual LED drivers so if one LED goes out it does not take out the entire row; new smaller case, ultra-high speed data transfer; a completely redesigned user interface to simplify and speed up changing the dial time; and the ability to turn off either side of a dual view display. Turning off one side of a Display facing a driver keeps the light from being a distraction.

Mega Dial V2 is a two piece unit. Both the Control Head and the Display Board require an industry low 12v or 16v power and ground to operate. (also included is a 17′ of color wire that is used to send information between the two units.) The Control Head is typically placed near the driver, and the Display Board is mounted to face the tower. This is independent and works alongside any delay box, throttle stop, or ignition.

Display board can be mounted on a Dial Board Bracket (Not included, sold separately). The display board was designed for use with the Dial Board Brackets shown below, but will fit inside any bracket that is 7.5″ wide. Or, it can be fastened to a window or on plexiglass with Velcro strips.

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