This Full Tree Bulb Kit contains every bulb you will need for our Full Size Tree. These are the same bulbs you see at the track! Other brands of bulbs will “click”, and you will hear the “click” before the bulb comes on. That is not good for practice, especially for Pro Tree & Top bulb racers!! Since most of the Full Trees purchased are for indoor use, we researched and practiced with many brands of bulbs, and went with the “quiet” amber bulbs. Don’t let anyone tell you different, or how much to spend, we have more on-track experience than any other practice tree company! Our kit contains a total of 18 bulbs : 8 prestage and stage bulbs (which are yellow bug lamps), 6 Amber, 2 Green, and 2 Red floodlights. With this set of bulbs, and our Full Size Practice Tree, you will have no excuse for a bad reaction time!

Some racers who bracket race, and also race on the “LED” circuit may want to add some Full Size Tree LED Bulbs to their order.