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Check out the above guides, but if you still have questions on sizing or class requirements, feel free to give the racers a call, and ask for Rich, Sal, or Peter Biondo.

“The MAXX AIR SFI-15 suit takes Sparco’s technology and fabric to a new level!”

  • BE AWARE OF THE RULES, most -15 class requirements also need SFI Shoes and SFI Gloves
  • Jacket & Pants use European Sizing Format
  • Readily available All Black only
  • No Extra Charge For Larger Sizes!
  • Recert (in 5 years) for around $50, and in the USA when needed
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • How to clean / wash your firesuit.

    If you liked Sparco’s X-Light -15 suit, you are going to LOVE Sparco’s MAXX AIR SFI-15 suit! The AIR-15 drag suits are the lightest and most breathable SFI 15 rated suits on the market! The MAXX AIR-15 is made from our exclusive X-light multi-layer fabric that provides amazing comfort and unbeatable protection. Available as either single-piece, or a two-piece jacket and pants set, the MAXX AIR-15 is available in a wide range of sizes to ensure proper fitment and maximum comfort behind the wheel. The jacket and 1-piece suits feature fully floating sleeves for increased mobility and the pants feature internal knitted cuffs and an expandable waist for a better fit.

    Guaranteed to be the lightest and most comfortable SFI-15 suit on the market or your money back! -Peter Biondo

    People who buy this suit may also require SFI Shoes and SFI Gloves, click the link to view the complete line, or see the most popular shown below.