EGT-Temp Gun Combo

Tune your engine for maximum power and consistency with the Motorsports Innovations dual mode Infrared Temp Gun and Exhaust Temp Gauge Kit. It saves you money by combining two tools in one. Simply pull it off of the Velcro mounting in the car and point it at the item in question. Put it back in the car a moment later for EGT! Included is a 1/8″”” pipe exhaust probe (weld-on) with a 6′ kapton jacketed wire with Stainless over-braid. The Exhaust Temp Gauge has a backlight, and 0-2000 temp range for exhaust, 1% accuracy. Also comes with full tuning instructions.
The Infrared Temp Gun has laser sight, with temp ranges of 0-750 for infrared and a very tight spot size cone which enables you to get the true temperature of an item. Some other economy temp guns are available without the sight making inaccurate readings more likely.

The instrument weighs 9 ounces, and comes with a one year warranty.