Step into the future of reaction time training with the Portatree ELIMINATOR NEXT GEN Practice Tree! The Eliminator Next Gen combines all the features of traditional practice trees with new cutting-edge capabilities. It is compatible with all original Eliminator accessories, including foot pedals, vehicle connections, National Event trees and Portatree Minis.


  • Eliminator Next Gen Practice Tree
  • 2 Hand Switches
  • 1/8″ Stereo Jack Ends
  • 12V Wall Adaptor
  • 110-220V AC Input
  • 12V DC, 1A Output
  • 3.5mm, Center Pin Positive Tip

Hardware Features:

  • Full Color, Touchscreen Display
    • Display Brightness Adjustable
  • Sturdy Case with Battery Door
    • 6.25” x 8.75”
  • Adjustable Tabletop Stand
  • Outdoor Bright LEDs
    • LED Brightness Adjustable
  • Battery or Wall Transformer Powered
    • 4 C-Batteries
    • Low power sleep modes to preserve battery life
  • Supports Test Tracks, Contact Portatree with Requirements

Software Features:

  • Dual User Mode
    • Compete/practice against a friend
  • Single User Mode
    • Practice against the computer or against yourself
    • Adjustable time to beat
    • Allow computer to stage first
  • Dial-Ins
    • Configurable Random Dial
  • Full/Pro/Blocker Tree
  • Adjustable Tree Speed (.100 to .900)
  • Adjustable Roll Out (.001 to 1.000)
  • Fully Configurable Delay Box
    • Bump Up/Down
    • Cross Over
    • Twice Your Tree
  • User Log On
    • Save up to 15 Settings Configurations
  • Statistics
    • Save/Load Statistics Files
    • Counts # of Runs, # of Reds, and # of Wins
    • Reaction Time Running Average
    • Reaction Time Spread
    • Shift Time Running Average
  • Shift Light
    • Practice Up to 4 Shift Points
  • Distraction Mode
  • NHRA/IHRA Auto Start
  • Auto/Manual Reset
  • Perfect Tree (e.g. .000 vs .400/.500)
  • Top Bulb Lock
  • Enable/Disable Win Lights
  • Real Red
  • Supports Test Tracks, Contact Portatree with Requirements
  • Computer Connection
    • View, Graph, and Overlay Eliminator Statistics Files
    • Personalize Eliminator Startup Screen
    • Link to download software program
    • Note: Computer Connection Cable needed to use the Next Gen Software


  • Computer Connection Cable
  • Eliminator Carry Case
  • Foot Pedals
  • Transbrake Vehicle Connection
  • Microswitch Vehicle Connection
  • National Event Tree (Incandescent or LED Bulbs)
  • Professional Tree for Racers
  • Portatree Mini (Incandescent or LED Bulbs)
  • Please Contact Portatree to Confirm Compatibility with Original Accessories or Test Tracks

In order to read the Manual you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.