Please check the legality of this item with your racing sanction and / or organization, as we do not know all the different rules out there at this time.

If you need just a little more than our classic TERMINATOR button…  here you go.

Designed by the Biondo Racing Family, the “Terminator Plus” is a new button for bottom bulb bracket racers.  This button will consistently slow you down up to 6-6.5 hundredths, TOTAL, over traditional (no travel) trans brake buttons. The 16 included shims can be easily added or removed making it easy for you to close in on your reaction time!

Button measures 8-1/2″ long, and the body is 1-1/2″ wide.

Button has tapped mounting holes on the bottom and side of the button. Can be easily mounted utilizing those holes.

EXCLUSIVE features found only on the TERMINATOR PLUS:

  • Shaft is made from high quality aluminum for maximum smoothness and consistency.
  • Internal spring eliminates chances of the spring getting caught or binding.
  • Free Tip sheet written by Sal and Peter Biondo included with each button. They will tell you precisely what each shim is worth (and much more!) … taking the guesswork out of adjusting your reaction time.People who buy this part also buy a 2 Lead Stretch Cord or a 3 Lead Stretch Cord