We have a few reasons why our Electric Solenoid Shifter has become the most popular electric shifter today.

  • We use only quality parts, the solenoid includes a hard chromed shaft riding in a bronze bushing, designed to last forever. Unlike cheap imitations, our solenoid will not release due to vibration.
  • While other electric shifters draw up to 30 amps, ours has a low 1-amp electric draw, which won’t even put a dent in your battery.
  • Our affordable price makes this deal a grand slam!

Enjoy year after year of trouble free automatic shifting by mounting Biondo Racing’s Electric Solenoid Shifter behind your existing shifter. It will improve consistency of your race car and allow you to concentrate on winning the round, instead of looking at your tachometer. This is the way it works : You pull your shifter into low gear, and the solenoid automatically “cocks”. It stays that way until your engine reaches the RPM (which is set with the RPM Activator Switch), at that point the power is cut and the spring action shifts into high gear. When your engine reaches that RPM again, unlike other shifters, the unit will not shift more than once. A lightweight mounting bracket aligns the electric solenoid behind any forward pattern shifter (1-2 only).  For use with a reverse pattern shift applications, the customer must fabricate a swing away bracket. This unit requires no air bottles and is permanently lubricated to last.

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