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Check out the above guides, but if you still have questions on sizing or class requirements, feel free to give the racers a call, and ask for Rich, Sal, or Peter Biondo.

Sparco Exclusive Suit!!! X-Light SFI-15 Suit (SFI Spec 3.2A/15) (Jacket and Pants can also be sold individually.)

  • BE AWARE OF THE RULES, most -15 class requirements also need SFI Shoes and SFI Gloves
  • Jacket & Pants use European Sizing Format
  • Readily available in All Black
  • No Extra Charge For Larger Sizes!
  • Recert (in 5 years) for about $50, and in the USA when needed
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • How to clean / wash your firesuit.Quality, Style, and Comfort! What separates this suit from all the other SFI-15 Suits? The Sparco exclusive one of a kind X-Light fabric that is only available to Sparco combined with a new development of lightweight inner layers makes this suit the lightest -15 suit on the market.. The X-Light suit also offers excellent breathability, comfort, and style while at the same time exceeding the harsh flame protection standards of a SFI-15 spec. The fully gusseted sleeve design offers unlimited mobility within your shoulders and arms. As always, unlike other suits on the market, there is no extra charge for XX or larger sizes. The pants feature a stylish boot cut design with internal pockets, internal cuffs and an expandable waist.

    “I use the Xlight 15 suit for driving my 7.30 bracket dragster. At first, I was worried that an SFI-15 suit would be very bulky and not comfortable. But when Sparco’s X-Light Suit showed up, I realized it is possible to be comfortable and cool in a SFI-15 Suit!” Peter Biondo

    People who buy this suit may also require SFI Shoes and SFI Gloves, click the link to view the complete line, or see the most popular shown below.