Total length of this unit (unextended) is 9-1/2″ (from ball joint to the throttle hookup fitting, add 2-1/2″ when extended fully)
Cylinder diameter is 7/8″

Consistency is what wins in “Super” class (.90) racing. Whether you run high MPH or low MPH you must be able to hit your “number” every time in order to be competitive.

Biondo Racing has developed this throttle control to help you achieve the ultimate in consistency. Keep in mind,
a throttle control must be easily adjustable. And this “Precision Control Throttle Stop”, is just that.  It was made to work in all applications, even in tight fitting door cars with limited space.
When we are making precise adjustments at the track or in the garage, we want to be able to do so without disconnecting anything, and without having to disconnect
or re-adjust your throttle linkage. So check out the biggest reasons for purchasing our throttle stop.

    At Biondo Racing we will do more than tell you that this throttle control is the most consistent throttle control available, but we will show you why.This unit uses a double acting cylinder (2 air lines to the cylinder). By doing this, both the closing and opening of the throttle control are powered by regulated CO2- not relying on your carburetor return springs.
    It also allows you to precisely slow down the closing and opening speed. This not only makes for a super smooth operation, but also eliminates such variables as tire spin and chassis unload. The cylinder is made of stainless steel and contains high temp seals for superior throttle control – year after year. When you purchase this unit, we send along a tip sheet, which can help you set the throttle control for your combination.
  • ADJUSTABILITY A big advantage of our “Precision Control” is the ease of adjustment. The throttle linkage attachment is separate from the throttle stop “stroke” adjustment. This means you can easily adjust the stroke
    (closed throttle position) without disconnecting your throttle linkage or without readjusting full throttle – this is a major burden when using other throttle controls. Our adjustment method is simple and accurate, allowing you to make precise,
    repeatable adjustments.
  • Our cylinders allow for 2-1/2″ inches of adjustment, and will work well with any standard carburetor, dominator, or injector setup.
  • For the 10/32″ applications, we recommend THE BULLET” – Throttle Stop Cable Saver, seen below.Any CO2 bottle kit would work, we recommend the ones listed below. A preset regulator set at 100 PSI, or an adjustable regulator would both work fine.

People who buy this part also buy a bottle kit: Adj Reg Bottle Kit or Preset 100lb Bottle Kit and a Bottle mount clamp: see options below.