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Check out the above guides,
,but if you still have questions on sizing or class
requirements, feel free to give the racers a call,
and ask for Rich, Sal, or Peter Biondo.

We know you come to us for our true track tested opinions, and we sell this
the most popular way, and that is with the 19″ tether, (that provides you the perfect combination of
safety and ease of viewing, and turning around to see your opponent). Also you can choose between the options of “Post Anchor” (left side of photo #2) or “Quick Click” (right side of photo #2).  CHOOSE EITHER AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

The Perfect Combination Of Superior Design And Lightweight Construction.
The Pro Ultra Series HANS Device is the latest in safety technology. Sharing the design of the HANS Sport II Device, the HANS Pro Ultra borrows the carbon fiber construction from the HANS Pro. This creates a low-profile, light weight safety harness that makes it easier to climb into and out of vehicles that don’t have a lot of room in them. The carbon fiber design allows the device to have a hollow core, greatly reducing weight without sacrificing any strength or safety.

  • Option for “Quick Click”, or “Post Anchor”
  • 19″ Sliding tether
  • All helmet attachments, instructions and hardware included
  • Full Range Head Movement
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Low-Profile Support For Increase Maneuverability
  • Available in Medium and Large Sizes
  • SFI 38.1 Approved

    With the use of this device, as per the ruling, you will need to use a special Neck Collar, or a Head Sock, or Helmet Skirt.

    Click Here to view all the collar, head sock, helmet skirt, and all other accessories.